Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

It’s been a day today, ha. I had blood drawn earlier for the 40th time it feels like and am trying to prepare for Shabat as best I can right now between breaks for my body.

I decided to copy both 9 & 10 into today’s devotional because I truly need such encouragement as we complete this week’s study on pain and healing. I have less than two weeks left before my first major surgery and I am nervous beyond belief! But my Elohim holds my hand – He is near to the distressed… and I am distressed.

Give thanks today as we prepare for Shabat for all that He provides – the comfort, the strength, and the small joys that we may often overlook as we move day to day. Cherish all that you are blessed with and are able to do.

Shabat Shalom!