Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

Today I choose strength.

These days have been long and tiring. They’ve beaten me down and I have carefully risen back to my knees to pray to Mashiach for the strength to hold on to His loving-commitment.

I understand that His loving way includes the endurance of trials and obstacles. At the moment I am incredibly weak and unable to stand much more of the pains. But I am reading my HLLYH Scriptures and today I am reminded that His love is perfected in my weakness. What better way to teach the meek ones His way (Teh 25:9) than by sharpening the endurance necessary to face the nations’ and the negativity that brews inside it?

Stand strong in whatever battle you are facing today and repeat in your heart that this trial is nothing compared to the everlasting Love that awaits in the Wakened World. Stand and say, “This pain is nothing for my Messiah and my Elohim smile upon my aching feet and reach Their hands towards my outstretched arms.”

How beautiful is the love that Yah has for us? How strong of a Father must He be to endure watching His beloved children suffer so that they may perfect themselves in that pit of weakness?

Turn your face to me, and show me favour,
For I am lonely and afflicted.
The distresses of my heart have enlarged;
Oh, bring me out of my distresses!

Teh 25:16-17

Today, I choose to pray for strength and the ability to stand on my own feet. I ask that my brothers and sisters join me in prayer wherever they are and whenever they see this message.

Today I pray for all of my body. I pray for the strength that only You can give, Elohim. I pray for the ability to endure what lies in my path and I ask for another day to draw closer to you. I pray that my brothers and sisters may find peace in their hearts for whatever trouble they are facing at the moment. I ask that You find it in Your loving heart to favour their wishes so that we all may find our ways back to You.