Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

Today I wake up and it’s a new day. It’s still another painful, sore stomach day… but it’s new for me and you. We are present. We are breathing and adjusting to the new pressures that pour down on our shoulders today. We are looking forward to the societal construct of a rest-day this weekend from the toils of the work week. We are ready for a new message.

Though I don’t spend much time in the history sections of the Scriptures I really should so that I can understand the depth of knowledges that are passed from one era to the next better. History teaches us the things that we need to push forward and gives us better tools to see the world around us. With this new day we should take these tools and lessons and apply them so that we don’t make the same mistakes as yesterday or last year or even the decade before. We should learn, we are ready to learn.

So why should we turn back if we are perpetually moving forward?

Moving forward means a lot of things to a lot of people. Just like another blogger mentioned though, in order for something to mean something to us we need to “turn the comments on” mentally – we need to be ready for that message. Being ready ALSO means different things and I can’t tell you how or when you will be ready for the Truth of Yahuah and Yahusha’s guidance. I can just tell you that you should look to history and find the pathways to being ready in your own heart… not in anyone else’s proddings.

So today is a new day, history is a thing that teaches us other things, and we need to move forward in order to turn back. What does this mess mean though? I want the world to move backwards in their hearts only when it comes to helping unlearn the traditions of the nations and the hypocrisies of what we have been taught in these recurrent generations. Turn away from the lies and the fears that are embedded in our society and turn towards the truth in the Scriptures. This is what I mean.

Today is a new day to learn. Pick up the scriptures, maybe only read a verse. If you feel compelled to why don’t you read more of what Elohim has laid out for you? For us as a whole? Wake up tomorrow and do the same thing.. and the next day and the next day. Or don’t. Figure out where the truth is in your heart and mind and come to it when you are ready.

Because, reader, there is always a new day. And today is a new one… and tomorrow will be an even better one. Don’t put it off too long because the end comes quicker than we think. But come to the edges of the water and see these words. Because you’re ready, and today is a new day.


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