Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

ROMANS 12:12


  • What is Yahuah trying to remind me of today?
  • How can I apply this reminder to my current situation?
  • What is the primary purpose of this verse?
  • How did it affect me?


It’s a rather gloomy day outside. I’ve gotten out of bed a handful of times to stretch… being stir crazy is starting to really get to me. I have nothing to do but think about Scripture and my current dilemmas. I will endure. I will push through this. I am trying to convince myself of my own words.

The emotional toll of things is breaking my heart more and more each day. In three days I know it would have been the third year at the parking lot, and instead I am dealing with surgical fall-out without you. The loss of my children burns a hole in my heart daily, hourly, and I am trying my hardest to focus only on the Scripture.


Today I pray for the fulfillment of all of my family’s expectancies. I pray that each of you finds a foothold towards your goals and that it leads to beautiful rewards that you could never have dreamed of but had always hoped for. I pray today for the smiles that you all deserve and the hugs that you should be receiving to fall upon you.

In Yahusha’s Name I pray.


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  1. February 12, 2020

    SeraYah, I’m just praying for YOU. For bodily healing from the trauma you’re suffering. For joy to suddenly burst into your life. For unexpected adventures to appear.

    God hears your heart and your hopes and he also knows your youth. He has a way and a life for you!


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