Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

They changed my dosage for my antidepressants, and I feel even worse and far more manic than I did before… and yet, when I call them to let them know that I am … really not myself, they tell me to just let the 6 weeks pass with me on this dose, then see if anything changes.

I feel like every day I need to take a super cocktail of medical grade pharmaceuticals in order to function. I continually fight it for more holistic methods, but my funding requires me to comply to the doctor’s orders. There’s little to no wiggle room.

This new dosage makes me feel incredibly depressed…. far more than I was before. It’s been a year of darkness and I find less and less reasons to wake up. I told my doctor that and they just told me to wait the six weeks.

These pills aren’t me.