Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

I took a new job over at a restaurant near the apartment so I could put food in my small pantry. It doesn’t help with my finances overall though… but it’s a mild distraction from the pains and thoughts of you that keep haunting me.

I’m waitressing and I thought I’d never have to do this in my lifetime again. But that’s okay. It’s definitely not ideal for my situation but it’s flexible enough and I need the tip money. I don’t like my new job, I just… have to get in and get out.

I remember you saying you didn’t want me to waitress but…. you’re far away from this situation and I need to figure out how to survive the remaining months. The work is horribly annoying and I didn’t miss any of it.

I work late nights and early mornings. I work part time. I forgot how much I hated food service and people. But I need to get some sort of income no matter how humiliating and debilitating it is for my health – mental or otherwise.