Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

A slight set back, but that’s okay.
I’m currently able to walk okay now! I am still waiting for a few appointments, chemo is growing ever closer, and I am cleaning up my area to prepare for moving out. So many things changing!

I was gifted another translation of the Scriptures by a nurse again, and I am ever thankful for their kindness during my trying time. Especially since I had hit her with my legs when she was trying to draw blood from me!

Yahuah sends His messages when we least expect them. Tonight is a new moon, tomorrow a new month. So today I let go of the past as best I can.

I let go of the apologies that I wish I had received but never appeared.
I breathe out the pain and heartache you left me with this year.
I am struggling to stand but I try my hardest to put my foot forward into a new month for a new start towards my journey. I’m in pain and still recovering, but I am trying to walk the best I can according to Yahuah’s will… and if this is His will, then I listen to His directions.

I will walk humbly and with the direction He gives.
I will love mercy and push myself to forgive you both in my own time with Yahusha’s help.
I will do right by Yah.


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