Yahuah Reigns, Yahusha Saves!

I’m currently working on Psalms 37 once again to maintain hope as the days draw nearer.

These are a few of my translations of the Word. My favorite is TS2009 followed by HLLYH, then CSB, NIV, and ESV. I have the JUB, and CEPHER in digital formats only.

I sent a message to uphold my promise before Yahuah. I’m staring at the rain from my bedroom windows. I’m glad the Word has brought me comfort in these lonely days. I’m hungry but that’s okay. I’m feeling something and that’s what I am glad for. Feeling things.

My heart is heavy with recent memories bloomed in the land of dreams. I remember how you used to think of me and how we smiled in photos together. I laugh at your making fun of me for sneezing before every photo. I miss you above anything else at the moment but that’s okay.

I’m weak at the moment and Yahusha is sitting in my room with me, listening as I cry and plead. I never wanted to die alone but I feel the encroachment of that physical distance and it hurts. It’s human for me to want someone to check on me. It’s okay for me to feel forgotten in this pandemic. I’m trying to validate my feelings as best I can while managing medications, sickness, and self.

I do heartwork every day. I feel moved beyond aspects, frozen in others. I’m doing my best to prepare for Other World things.

The rain is beautiful. I’ll miss this sight.


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