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Though I undergo my own cancer, I can’t help but weep at the world as it continues to struggle within its own cancerous growth of hatred and ignorance.

We are the disease that consumes our own planet with little care. We tear our own people limb from limb on basis of bigotry, racism, and paranoia. We are the pagans that drink the blood of the innocent in some sort of ethnic genocide… what are we doing so far away from Yahuah’s commands?

I can’t fathom the riots. I can’t imagine the pains of the thousands and thousands of people who are suffering at the hands of the racist tumor that continues to strip us of any sort of saving grace.

My skin affords me a favorable privilege amongst the nations… but it shouldn’t be so. We shouldn’t be killing and demolishing anyone unfair in our eyes aesthetically because of our paranoid thoughts and systematic oppressionist views. The system is beyond broken. Pretending it doesn’t exist will not make the world equal in the background of your sunshine and kombucha lens. There will be murder, mayhem, and racism rampant.

How can we find Yahuah once more? At what point will we be fearful of Him and return? We are a disgraced children…. we are a growth full of pus and slimed with terrorism. At what point do we find our Original Parent once more? …Will He find us once more and continue to allow us to walk?

Go on and live your daily lives. Pretend your neck is not being kneeled upon, pretend your trachea and esophagus are not being torn from your flesh… hide behind the lenses of everyday routines and the blur of daily grievances. If this makes you uncomfortable understand the privilege that that feeling disguises. Ask yourself introspective questions about the state of the US and educate yourself on the matters at hand.

We are heading further and further into the black tar pits of Sheoul… choose your path with care.

So many that I took for granted.

My life lately has been blood draws, testing procedures, and financial audits. I’ve been trying to continue lately but my heart faces darkness quite often. I’ve been overcoming my fears of needles and blood just to try to get to a more comfortable spot dealing with all of this.

It took a long time to push and push my doctors to look into my abdominal pains. With my family’s history of reproductive cancers I felt it was necessary to ask for help from my gynecologist. Though it did take an absurdly long time to get to where I am today I am thankful that my doctor LISTENED to me instead of just prescribing me higher strength ibuprofen and telling me it was just period pains.

There are so many things that I wish I had done before I got to this point.

Though I write in personal journals the more intimate details of my struggle I wish to use this online platform to spread information and positivity until I can’t anymore. I want better for myself and for others. I am tired of being a quiet and scared girl who never picks her head up and only stares straight at the ground before her feet.

Yahusha has done so much for me these past few months. Though I am in the beginning of my Walk into Righteousness I have felt continually reassured as I read my Scriptures (TS2009 or HLLYH versions, for anyone curious) and hopeful that I may make it to the Wakened life beyond his burning nation. I have done many things wrong in my short life but I am trying my hardest to make up for them.

Yahusha proclaims His undying support and love for us all – He carried all of our sins upon His flesh and sacrificed Himself under Elohim’s eye to redeem us all. I wish one day to embody such selflessness. I want to walk in the Truth and find peace along the way.